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The Bamboo Breeze Bathroom

The homeowners purchased their stately 1913 Craftsman home, they dreamt of a new master bathroom with modern conveniences and vintage charm. Their existing bath felt worn out and drab, out of sync with the home’s freshly renovated spaces. Updating this bathroom would be the final touch to fulfilling their journey of creating their dream home. Key features include:

  • Cararra marble mosaic tile floor and wall wainscoting
  • A custom vanity with walnut interior
  • Bamboo floral wallpaper
  • Luxurious showering experience
  • Custom made decorative brass radiator cover
  • Elegant stylistic details with a bohemian undertone
  • Maximized use of space in a tiny footprint

Challenge Accepted “Make our master bathroom extraordinary, luxurious, original, elegant, charming, and spacious. Create a style to fit with the home and reflect our personalities and make all that fit into just 68 square feet!” – Homeowners


With only 68 square feet to work with, we began by swapping the old bathtub and curtain for a glass walk-in shower, allowing for greater distance between opaque surfaces to help expand the sense of roominess. We added recessed lighting throughout to bring much-needed illumination into the bathroom. While simple, these two changes addressed major issues the homeowners had with the previous bathroom and helped to lay the foundation for the luxurious details and finishes to come.



Beyond Ordinary
Due to space limitations, it was important that our design maximized both function and beauty with each feature of the bathroom. We embarked on creating a custom vanity, mirror, and decorative radiator cover with a striking deep glazed finish, walnut interiors, and brass accents. These touches made every square inch count and helped to bring distinctive charm to the room.


Creating the Sanctuary: Personal Touches
In transforming the master bathroom, we tuned into the client’s preferences and passions. With a love for travel, the clients found solace in artistic touches reminiscent of their adventures. The Bamboo Floral Wallpaper served as a reminder of cherished memories in faraway places. To realize the modern bohemian vision, each detail played a vital role. Thoughtfully chosen teak shutters served both style and function, harmonizing with the overall aesthetic. The custom designed brass radiator screen allowed for heat transference while also becoming a beautiful decorative focal point. The outcome achieved our objective: elegant finishes seamlessly interwoven, culminating in a personalized sanctuary reflecting the client’s fondness for travel and contemporary bohemian taste.


Innovations and Problem-Solving
Within the confines of a mere 68 square feet, our foremost challenge emerged: crafting a luxury bathroom that also felt spacious. Every inch held immense value, demanding ingenious solutions to optimize its potential. The introduction of a glass shower enclosure had a transformative effect, opening sight lines and allowing unobstructed views, enhancing the perception of a larger bathroom. The non-standard depth custom built vanity provided extra critical inches in the open areas. We extended the countertop over the radiator to increase the usable counter space.
The next obstacle was creating a curbless shower with a continuous mosaic flow from the bathroom area into the shower. The small mosaic tile pieces posed a risk of dislodging or puncturing the preformed foam backed Schluter shower pan membrane if something heavy, like the corner of a shampoo bottle, was to drop on one just right. To address this, we reinforced the shower pan with a robust fiberglass mesh commonly used in EFIS systems, to help prevent mosaic displacement and ensure shower stability.

As so many in the industry had experienced, supply chain issues led to significant delays. We adapted by installing temporary fixtures, often mismatched finishes, maintaining project momentum and client usability while waiting for the selected items to arrive.


Best said by the homeowners themselves . . .“We love the end result.  We think it’s gorgeous.  It fits the house and our personalities really well, and has just the right amount of elegance, luxury, and charm that we were looking for.”

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